FIG Wroking Group 5.5 & IAG Working Group 4.1.1: Ubiquitous Positioning

This group, which is a joint working group between FIG and IAG, will focus on the development of shared resources that extend our understanding of the theory, tools and technologies applicable to the development of ubiquitous positioning systems. It has a major focus on;

  • Performance characterization of positioning sensors and technologies that can play a role in the development of ubiquitous positioning systems
  • Theoretical and practical evaluation of current algorithms for measurement integration within ubiquitous positioning systems.
  • The development of new measurement integration algorithms based around innovative modeling techniques in other research domains such as machine learning and genetic algorithms, spatial cognition etc.
  • Establishing links between the outcomes of this WG and other IAG and FIG WGs (across the whole period)
  • Generating formal parameters that describe the performance of current and emerging positioning technologies that can inform FIG and IAG members
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